Chaos in the Realms

Into the Temple of Eternal Flame

Our group of adventurers headed to the Scarlet Moon Halls after entering into a deal with Jolliver Grimjaw who gave them information that the fire cult’s temple connects somewhere with the Scarlet Moon Halls.

Upon arrival, they noticed a heavy haze around the hills surrounding the tower that are the halls. They encountered a group of druids who came to meet with an archdruid who plans to hold a ceremony using a burning Wicker Giant to realign the chaotic elements wreaking havoc in the Sumber Hills.

The group followed the road leading to the scaffolding on the side of the tower and talked their way through guards to go up, in the tower. Upon arriving, guards questionned their presence inside. Through attempted lies by Content Not Found: null, the guards saw through the ruse and began combat. Alchemist Medrash walked forward, ready to use his frost breath only to step on a magical rune, set there for defensive purposes. This rune transported him elsewhere, where the party was unable to find him. They found, however, someone who had infiltrated the tower as well and aided them in combat.

Through discussion, he revealed himself as Sky Hawkeyes. The party agreed that, for now, having similar goals, they would work together to uncover the secrets of this place and head into the Temple to rid the Sumber Hills of this evil, while looking for their friend Alchemist Medrash.


akarum akarum

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